Bob McGee Scholarship


The amount of the scholarship shall be $500.00

Only the interest on the principal amount will be used to service the scholarship. The Optimist Club of Moore will make up any difference, if required, to make it a $500.00 scholarship.

The Criteria for the Scholarship:

The Bob McGee Scholarship will be awarded annually to graduate students of St. Clair Township Ward 1 (Moore) Elementary Schools, who are now graduating from Great Lakes Secondary School, and pursuing higher education.

The scholarship will be presented to the student with the highest marks in his or her best six O.A.C. subjects, and not having won a major scholarship (major scholarship being $1,000.00 or greater). The Scholarship Selection Committee will be made up by staff from the Great Lakes Secondary School .

The policy for the Bob McGee Scholarship will be reviewed annually and the value of the scholarship may vary depending upon interest rates and interest received from the principal amount.

The funds for the principal for this scholarship were derived from a bequest from the Estate of Optimist Club of Moore Member Bob McGee, as well as additional funds donated by the Optimist Club of Corunna, the Optimist Club of St. Clair Parkway, and the Optimist Club of Moore.

A large plaque, with the OI emblem, and with the names of Bob McGee Scholarship winners, will be displayed in the Public School from which the student recipient graduated.

The Club President, or a delegate (Optimist Club of Moore), will be present at commencement exercises for the winner of the Bob McGee Scholarship to make the presentation.


  • 1993 – Matthew Hillier, Hill Street School
  • 1994 – Amy Grant, Mooretown/Courtright School
  • 1995 – Kelly Goodearly, Hill Street School
  • 1996 – Jennifer VerWey, Hill Street School
  • 1997 – Erica Battle, Hill Street School
  • 1998 – Martin Barrons, Hill Street School
  • 1999 – Jody Battle, Colborne Street School
  • 2000 – Amanda Smith, Hill Street School
  • 2001 – Jessica Robinson, Riverview School
  • 2002 – Jessica Shelley, Mooretown Public School
  • 2003 – Amanda Gillespie, Colborne Street School and Scott Bishop, Sir John Moore School
  • 2004 – Casey Campbell
  • 2005 – Samuel (Alex) Cunningham, Colborne Street School
  • 2006 – Andrea Dirks
  • 2007 – Christopher Hansen, John Moore Community School
  • 2008 – Olivia Nisbet, Mooretown Public School
  • 2009 – Mike Aberhart, Sir John Moore Community School
  • 2010 – Victoria Graham, Sir John Moore Community School
  • 2011 – Sarah Miller, Col. Cameron Public School
  • 2012 – Brianne Belanger, Mooretown Public School
  • 2013 – Alexandra Dobson, Mooretown Public School
  • 2014 – M. Kameka, Sir John Moore Public School
  • 2015 – Beth Soden
  • 2016 – Lucas Pawley